How to Plan a Water Excursions Trip to Mauritius

Sea Activities at Mauritius | Img. Src:[InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort]

As one of East Africa’s top tourist hubs, Mauritius is best known for its pristine beaches and verdant landscapes. Revered as a paradise holiday hotspot, the country is also a water sport lover’s dream come true. Offering visitors a wide range of water bound activities enjoying water based excursions is a must for all vacationers. From the best ways to experience the thrill of water sports activities to securing tour operators, here are some tips on hitting the water when in Mauritius.

  1. Stay in a Water Sports Hub

The first order of business for those looking to experience water-based activities and excursions during their trip to Mauritius is to select a beach resort in Mauritius with engaging excursion options. Whether you select the InterContinental Mauritius Resort Balaclava Fort or any of the innumerable other resort bases in the country, staying at an establishment known for its water bound excursions is an advantage. Not only will one be able to experience the ease of booking water bound trips from one’s own base hotel but holidaymakers will also be able to take part in said activities at their convenience. So check the area excursions options and other tours organized by the hotel selected to ensure you will be taking part in a variety of exciting activities while on vacation.

2. Book a Whale and Dolphin Watching Tour

Tipped to be one of the most exhilarating tour options available in Mauritius signing up for a whale and dolphin watching excursion offers visitors the opportunity of a lifetime. Affording marine life enthusiasts from around the world the chance to witness the globe’s largest mammal and the world’s friendliest mammals in their natural habitat whale and dolphin safaris are offered by a variety of tour operators in the country. Those based in the western shores of Mauritius must make it a point to pencil in a whale watching tour for their holiday as it is a must-experience highlight in the region. If the excursion is not available through your accommodation provider do some research online to find a reliable tour operator with good reviews and packages to suit your budget.

3. Sign Up for a Catamaran Cruise

Often regarded as a romantic excursion option for cruise lovers, catamaran cruises are not only reserved for the romantically inclined. As the ideal way to discover the pristine coastlines of the country as well as the stunning beaches occupying the shores of Mauritius, catamaran cruises are the perfect day trip option for those in search of adventure. Meals and beverages are also part of catamaran cruise packages which allows visitors to not only enjoy a private cruise with a loved one but also to select the areas to explore. You can select either a day-long cruise or go for a sunset cruise based on preference or choose a shared cruise experience with fellow holidaymakers if a private cruise is beyond your budget.

4. Sea Kayaking

Those who wish to explore the breathtaking beaches and the coastal landscapes of Mauritius at their own pace can always look into sea kayaking excursions in the country. Taking off in the wee hours of the morning or the late afternoon a sea kayaking tour is the best way to uncover hidden regions of the nation’s sandy shores and to commune with the natural landscapes in a meaningful way. Sea kayaks are available for hire in various beach hotspots across the country while those who prefer to take part in an organized tour can look into tour options offered by local operators.

5. Speed Boat Cruise

Travellers with a taste for luxury and the good things in life can always explore speed boat tour options available in Mauritius before heading out on their vacation. Travelling around the coastal regions of the island efficiently speed boat cruises also encompass the amenities and facilities one would expect in a luxury cruise experience.

6. Water Sports Alternatives

Tourists looking to engage in water sports activities while in Mauritius, on the other hand, can experience parasailing and water skiing excursions in most if not all of the country’s beach hubs. Available through resorts and water sports centres, gear rentals and lessons are also on hand for those who wish to pick up parasailing or water skiing skills during their holiday.