How to Shop on a Budget in Bangkok

Patpong Night Market | Img. Src:[Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok]

As one of the world’s most coveted shopping hotspots, the capital of Thailand is somewhat of an icon when it comes to grabbing a bargain. While the city is well-known for its plush department stores retailing high-end goods it is perhaps the cheap buys and local wholesale markets that not only draws visitors but retailers from around the region. Here are some tips on where to find the best deals in Bangkok and how to shop on a tight budget in the Thai capital.

  1. Stay in a Central Location

Travellers who are hoping to take advantage of the bargain retail hubs around Bangkok must first secure a base or a Bangkok apartment hotel which offers easy access to the city’s top budget shopping venues. Centrally located accommodation providers the likes of the Chatrium Residence Sathon Bangkok and countless others are viable options but those who cannot find a strategically located rest within their budget can select a hotel located within a stone’s throw of BTS SkyTrain stations and other public transportation services.

2. Thai Silks and Other Local Wares

Revered around the world for their beauty and quality Thai silks are one of the most coveted and essential purchases for those vacationing in Bangkok,.Whether one is shopping for silk apparel such as sarongs or gift items made from the delicate fabric Bangkok city is the place to find exquisite silks at affordable rates. Available in bright hues and breathtaking designs the best places to buy silks at reasonable prices include Bon Marche Market and the local tailor shops. Anita Silk and the MBK Mall are equally great places to find fine silk products while scouring the selections available Jim Thompson House can also pay off for experienced bargain shoppers.

3. Souvenir Hotspots

When it comes to shopping for other precious finds and souvenirs the likes of pottery items and ceramics there’s no finer venue than Chinatown to find cheap but quality wares with a distinctly Chinese heritage. You will find everything from Celadon wares to blue and white pottery items as well as Thai ceramics at Baan Celadon and Siamraj Marketing while the Chatuchak Market and Ko Kret are other hotspots in Bangkok for those in search of ceramic and pottery wonders at reasonable prices.

4. Footwear and Bags

Bargain hunters on the lookout for fashionable footwear and handbags, on the other hand, are well and truly in luck when it comes to Bangkok’s retail landscape. Well-made and affordable shoes, both men’s and women’s as well as handbags are some of the most popular and widely sold consumer items in Bangkok. One can expect to buy a dozen pairs and still have funds leftover to splash on an equal number of trendy handbags when shopping around in local marketplaces the likes of the Chatuchak Weekend Market and other street stalls. The MBK Shopping Mall and Siam Square are other hubs shoe and bag lovers on a budget can rely on to have to latest trends in both footwear and women’s bags.

5. Entertainment and Tech Must-Haves

Those on the lookout for the latest films and music on CD’s and DVD’s however, should not forget to drop by Mae Mai Pleng Thai or Khao San Road where the latest Hollywood and Bollywood releases are available at unbelievable prices. Computer accessory hunters and tech geeks, on the other hand, can find cutting edge gadgets and PC gear at both the Fortune Town Mall and Pantip Plaza where mobile devices, gaming and other electronics are also available for a fraction of the cost of high-end retailers.

6. Inexpensive Home Ware

When it comes to embroidered products, stunning lamps, vases and vintage household decorative items look no further than the Suan Lum Night Bazaar for the best deals in town. Handmade household items and bedding products are also available at the market as well as the Chatuchak Market which is equally well-known for its collection of modern and Chinese style home decor goods.