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As you wander through this troubled world / In search of all things beautiful

Winter is coming; the darkness is here again. It has always been there; it never went away in the first place.These lies I tell myself feel like battery acid, crawling up my throat, demanding that I acknowledge the deep pang in my chest. I am done. I have already decided, and no I don’t like you that way, and things should just remain as they are this way, everything would be better this way.

I miss being anonymous in a country that doesn’t know me, I miss quiet cafes that leak promised security, away from people, and all these emotions. …

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If I was a midnight song

Try to hear me

But if no words come out

Then just stay and dont leave me

All of the times that I thought someone loved me

I woke up to the cold morning light

From London to Paris

These tears on a flight

Caz this empty body’s just a hotel at night

But don’t listen to me

I’ll just carry on quietly

And I’ll keep on fighting the fight

Call me and tell me a story

I just want to hear a human voice

That is not song

Even if it’s transmitted across phone lines

Tens of thousands of miles away

At the other end of the world

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Last November when I stopped taking my antidepressants a friend told me we surrender our identity in our eyes. I thought it was so funny, the way monogamy is funny, the way heartbreak is funny. …

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