Azure App Service for Linux now supports remote debugging of Node.js applications directly from Visual Studio Code

Finding and identifying issues with Node.js apps deployed to the cloud can be burdensome process that usually involves local debugging, the sprinkling of console.logson to your codebase, and many re-deployments to get the problem identified and solved.

Today we are changing that, as we are introducing a public preview of remote debugging for Node.js apps deployed on Azure App Service for Linux. Our remote debugging experience brings you the same great debugging experience that you already know from Visual Studio Code when debugging Node.js locally to the Azure Cloud.

How it works

Remote debugging for Azure App Service works by taking advantage of…

May 2-May 13 2018.

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For the past 4 years I’ve been organizing a front-end conference in Copenhagen named ColdFront, and this year we are taking a holistic future outlook at the front-end landscape.

Let me tell you why.

ColdFront grew out of our monthly JavaScript meetup, CopenhagenJS to fill the need for bringing international speakers and inspiration to the city. You can say that the first ColdFront was a glorified meetup, where we rented a movie theater and filled it up until we couldn’t fit more people in.

Our focus back in 2014 was front-end as a discipline, which really meant a focus on…

April 2nd-April 14 2018.

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  • The World’s Emptiest Airport Is a Red Flag. China built billions of dollars of high-end infrastructure that now sits virtually abandoned. Was that the plan all along?

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For a long time I have wondered how Google Maps and Figma have been able to support pinch-to-zoom multi-touch gestures from my trackpad on my Macbook, when there’s no special trackpad JavaScript events exposed.

So I started exploring this a few months ago and this weekend I stumbled upon this bug, 1052253 — OS X: Pinch to zoom gesture should map to mousewheel with the control key, like Chrome, in the Mozilla bug tracker and that finally made things click.

Apparently Microsoft with IE10 was the pioneers here, as they enabled pinch-to-zoom gestures from multi-touch trackpad’s to be surfaced as…

March 26th-April 1st 2018.

As something new I’m gonna try to curate a weekly reading list of interesting articles I found during the week. This is the first weekly, and the format is probably gonna evolve over time.


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Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and privacy

AI and Cloud

  • What Comes After The Cloud?

A lot of great things has happened in 2017, but I also learned my health wasn’t as great as I thought. It has changed many things and been dominating my 2017 completely. This is a very personal post, and try to put some of my many thoughts into words.

Lake Chelan, October 2017, WA USA

Back in 2016 I moved to Vancouver, Canada to join Microsoft, and during 2016 I started to notice that I was in vicious cycle of colds, where I would get a week long cold about every month regardless of the season which left me drained of all energy.

By the time…

Use Visual Studio Code to super-charge your Angular JavaScript debugging workflow in a few simple steps

Demo of a click event handler in an Angular component being debugged and live edited from VS Code

Back in February I wrote a Medium post on How to Live edit and debug your React apps directly from VS Code powered by our Chrome debugger for VS Code and Webpack’s Hot Module Reloading mechanism. Today I’m gonna show how you can achieve the same super-charged workflow for Angular by using angular-cli and Visual Studio Code.

Super-charged live editing and JavaScript debugging enables you to write and debug your Angular code without leaving the editor, and most importantly it enables you to have a more efficient development workflow, without context switching, because you stay inside your editor while you…

Debug Safari and iOS WebViews on both Windows and Mac with Chrome DevTools, VS Code & debugger.html

Today, I’m happy to announce a new project, RemoteDebug iOS WebKit Adapter, which enables Safari and WebViews on iOS to be debugged from tools like VS Code, Chrome DevTools and Firefox debugger.html on both Windows and Mac.

RemoteDebug iOS WebKit Adapter overview


This adapter enables debugging of Safari/Webkit on iOS from Chrome Debugging Protocol (CDP) based tools. The scope of the project is to provide a protocol adapter that handles the API differences between the Chrome Debugging Protocol and Webkit Remote Debugging Protocol. The project is continuation of the existing ios-webkit-debug-proxy project, by building on top.


I hope by having an open source protocol adapter…

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