Effective Keyword Strategy & Use For Great SEO Results

As any solid SEO strategist knows, an effective content marketing strategy involves a lot of keyword research. In fact, content marketing really commences with keyword research as it serves as the foundation & backbone for all your campaigns. Of course your brand and your products would serve as the nucleus beneath this research. So what’s the next step in doing your research and how does one go about choosing what to do with these keywords? How should we disperse these keywords we discover across our site, social media, blog and other channels? This is a common question I receive when I am working with a lot of my clients or anyone that is trying to increase their presence online with content marketing. So as discussed earlier in this post, every company should start with their own core brand and from there do some research on their target audience. This is where a lot of marketing teams will develop personas which are essentially caricatures of their targets which provide some insight into their demographic and pyschographic behaviour. Once you have these basics down which will help you with your target’s buyer behaviour, you can then start to develop your content marketing campaign. This is where the Keyword Research process starts.

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