How to Increase Your Online Visibility

According to recent studies, around 50% of purchase orders, whether goods or services, start with submitting a query to a search engine. People also rely more and more on online reviews about a particular business and being available and helpful to your customers on social media is something that can’t be ignored anymore.
 Despite the steady update to Google’s algorithms, backlinks are still a very important factor with Google when ranking a website for a particular keyword. The most encouraged white hat tactic for getting backlinks is to create compelling content that naturally earns backlinks. But some content will never be seen on the internet and you need exceptional marketing tactics to get noticed these days. Just passively waiting for people to find your “great” content won’t help your business at all. Post and pray just won’t work today in a world where millions of blogs are being posted every day.
 On the other hand, small businesses have a very limited budget when it comes to marketing and need creative ways to get visibility without spending much money on professional Search Engine Optimization agencies. In this article, we’ll show you some free or low budget tactics that are totally white hat and will help you get quality backlinks.

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