Christmas in July

what is going on this month

Yet again, I have worked, all for nothing.

I am poorer than when I started work.

With less energy, time, money. Zero medical care or healthcare coverage.

Two Saturdays ago, when i came to this realization there was a red hot sauce and a green hot sauce on a plate shared with a milanesa torta or some other Mexican food leftovers.

Christmas in July!” I thought to myself.

What is the point of even working when this happens?

On top of it, my workplace will not give me my check because they wish to humilate me because I have a little less than $50 store credit.

I was due for a paycheck on Friday, but have been informed that the owner of the business wishes to force me to pay my $50 debt before giving me my paycheck.

To anyone who is doubtful, please be assured that I have suffered just about every sort of humiliation imaginable. The gamut of them.

This low blow is a bit too much.

“[Owner] may as well keep the whole paycheck for all her compassion and consideration!” I texted to a coworker.

Why not hop on a boxcar to find a better state to live in, I wonder, because this state has sold me short, fucked me up: I have lost my time here in short.

Greed selfishness and total lack of care have gotten my goat, if you must know.

But that said, I made notebooks this month, and riz foncé with organic black sesame butter, beans, spice, and bismati rice.

Made some notebooks at the library.
riz foncé