When Do You Stop Trying?

Being an entrepreneur at heart I always think about business, about success and business and also about failure and business.

And in every success story I’ve ever read or heard about, failure was an essential part. That’s how the idea for this article came to mind…

When Do You Decide a Project Has Failed?

Not sure where I heard this comparison but it stuck with me for years. None of us are born with the ability to walk. We sit, roll, then crawl, then walk. And it’s a tiresome task that takes months with help from people who are already doing it (our parents).

So at what point do you decide as a parent or as a child…

Ok… I’ve had enough, Steve (the baby) is going to crawl for the rest of his life.

When do you quit? When do you admit defeat and move on. And if you’re a normal parent you might be looking at me strange and say in your mind

“What are you crazy? He is going to try until he succeeds!”

So why should business be any different? In fact it should never even cross your mind to ever quit because starting a business is done out of passion, out of your own inner need to build something, to solve a problem, unlike walking where you are forced into doing it by people 10 times your size.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to offer the magical pill to solve all your problems, I am only here to remind you that asking the question

Should I quit or not?

Is not the question you should be asking yourself or anyone else.

If this is your true calling and something that you enjoy doing and plan on doing for the rest of your life or at least for a solid chunk of it, then how about you focus more on how to make it work, rather than self doubting yourself or your abilities to perform.

Or as Denzel Washington said in a commencement speech:

You hang around a barbershop long enough — sooner or later you will get a haircut.

So I’ll end keep this short by reminding you that quitting shouldn’t ever be an option in the first place.