My first week in Andela has been overwhelming with lack of accommodation hanging over my head like a dark cloud.

Lots of activities were done on my first day in the EPIC Tower, I and my other incoming Andelans were introduced to the Andela-Lagos main administration team firstly. We were then ushered straight to business with our mac books and workstations given to us to complete our first checkpoint with a very limited timeline that seemed impossible to meet at the time it was given to us.

Atmosphere at the EPIC Tower is filled with so much energy, we were told the coming weeks will be hard but still the pressure feels awesome and frightening at times.

From the interactions I have had so far with other fellows a lot is expected from me to contribute to the Andela movement in Africa so I can’t let my earlier challenges in the coming days deter me. I have set my sights on exceeding expectations and living up to any task during my weeks in simulations.

I will conclude this article with a resolve that I am ready to take on any challenge and try as much as possible to learn to improve at every single chance I get to achieve my goal of being a world class developer and technology innovator.

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