The Bootcamp Experience — Road to being a World Class Developer(Part III)

Today this series will focus more on the challenges I have faced so far during the Andela cycle XIX bootcamp.


This bootcamp heavily relies on the remote distributed version control system repository,Github, and also messaging and collaborating tools ie. Trello and Slack. Obviously you need internet access to use all these tools but sometimes I have to wait an hour for one of my modem devices to establish internet connectivity.

Prior to arriving to Lagos I didn’t factor good internet connectivity hotspot areas and telecommunication networks with good coverage during my search for a hotel to book ahead of the bootcamp. I arrived in Lagos two days before bootcamp started to get myself prepared and also find a good Internet Service Provider(ISP) for my internet needs. After buying internet packages from 3 ISPs, it still didn’t improve my expectation of having a 24-hour access to to the internet without constant network reception drops.


At this point it might seem like I’m ranting but I’m glad my hotel manager relocated me to another room with better reception, at least if one ISP fails I switch to another. I definitely wouldn’t have let this internet issue stop me from participating in this bootcamp.