In this article I will speak about my visual design elements choices, the User Interface design for Polpo. You can check the first part (UX design) of the process of this project here.

First let me remind you that Polpo is an app used on break time for people who work at home.

PAINPOINTS for Olivia my main user.

This two last weeks we began to learn the steps of UI design at Ironhack Paris. I was really excited ! Because at my freelance job I love the creative and visual part BUT I’ve quickly disillusioned. User interface design is really technical. For example you have to choose the right size of a button and you have to do more sizes that it can fit on desktop, phone, tablet or other digital devices. So you make the same thing many times until the user flow on each device is okay !

But this two theoretical and practical weeks were…

It’s the third week of the UX/UI design bootcamp, first individuel project at ironhack, yay it was super cool !

Brief :

INPES is a National public establishment, it groups french health public services. INPES would like to create a set of digital tools to promote wellness and update their image.

Who is sometimes working at home ?

Who feel alone though or distracted by something else ?

So the part of wellness I would like to focus on is enhancing the productivity or motivation by having nicer and maybe more break time during the day.

What is Polpo and who is he ?

It would be an interactive and…

I integrate Ironhack at the beginning of july. In this article I’ll speak about the UX parts of a project. The case study here was to choose a supermarket and propose an e-commerce solution adapted.

Alison Lagerlöf, Julie de Clausade & me

And we choose la Louve

I choose Biola University for my final case study of the Ironhack prework.

Home page

The mission of Biola University is biblically centered education, equipping men and women in mind and character to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ. Their values are:

  • Truth: Patterns of Thought
  • Transformation: Patterns of Heart
  • Testimony: Patterns of Action

Biola’s History

Biola University traces its origins to the Bible Institute of Los Angeles established in 1908 by Lyman Stewart, founder and president of the Union Oil Company, and the Rev. T.C. Horton, two men of extraordinary vision and commitment to Christian higher education.

I had to find…

The fifth exercise of the Ironhack’s Prework is linked to the Wireframe challenge. I had to transform my Sketch wireframes in a prototype. For this exercise I’ve discovered the Invision platform. Which bring to life Sketch models. I’ve learned to link screens of the applicationto each other, it’s called Hotspots. Thanks to this you’ll have an interactive prototype !

My Emov prototype on Invision:

Here are the different steps, let’s see how to navigate in the app.

Reminder:Emov is an app to rent an electric car for short periods of time (car-sharing).


This is a splash screen. After few seconds you are automatically directed on…

I continue my Ironhack prework. Here you’ll see the fourth exercise. We had to wireframe an existing app, Emov App. You can see the existing version below.


My final product should be simple, in black and white, but still follow the same flow as the high-fidelity screens shared above.

Target what is important

We’d like to copy each elements, write the right text immediatly… But here the exercise is to show how the app will work before thinking about the design.

So we have to use SIMPLE elements to transfigure the existing interfaces.

  • place good information
  • symbolize images and logo by boxes
  • links or…

This is my first try on Sketch. I appreciate the simplicity of this software. I used to work on Illustrator or Indesign, I can find here the same shortcuts so it’s very handy for me. I don’t have to relearn everything.

I’ve learned to manage interfaces, know the size of each elements. It is my first model for mobile. It was a pleasure to organize my Artboards, work with a certain logic.

The whole bank’s goal is to offer a different way to save and manage money and also give their costumers innovative options like virtual currencies.

Whole bank noticed that there are some inconveniences for traveling costumer with the conventional Credit/Debit system. Customers depend on the card to make payments of get money in a ATM. On travel some shops don’t allow credit/debit card and customers may loose their cards. So how can we do transaction without having to use the physical card ?

What problem would I like to solve ?

In my interview not so many people had problem to use their card abroad neither use app…

Learning by drawing, what a pleasure !

I wanted to take more time to sketch again, I missed it. The exercise here was to take visual notes on the video of Margaret Gould Stewart (Facebook’s director of product design) talking about design challenges for giant websites.

On this exercise, I felt comfortable. It interested me a lot ! Sometimes I have to draw to explain me and ideas. My background helps me.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Now when I look at my work, I can see that I’ve some problem to synthesize and that there is too…

Aude Gerlinger

Currently a Global designer based in Lille (FR) // UX/UI designer . Branding . Scenography // (under construction)

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