NLP: Sentiment Analysis, Word Embeddings and Topic Modelling of 3,8K tweets


Last week, from the 7th to 9th of January, Oxford hosted the well-established, traditional and businessy Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) and its antidote Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC). Both aims to connect actors involved in the agricultural and food sector to tackle the challenges of today’s agriculture.

As I worked the last 3 months at WBCSD on the upcoming paper “Protein pathways: Accelerating sustainable food system transformation through business innovation”, which will be launched at World Economic Forum 2020 in Davos, I found necessary to look at the latest discussions in the field.

The OFC and the ORFC offered me…

The Guardian Food Recipes by recipes from The Guardian


The food section of The Guardian invites amateur chefs to explore the boundless culinary world, to engage with new ingredients and flavours, to learn cooking techniques or to get ideas for celebratory feasts.

In the first blogpost of this series, I told you about my passion for food and my curiosity about data science. I presented you with some exploratory data analysis of the last 10 years of recipes published daily by The Guardian.

The aim of this article is to engage with topic modelling. This method is useful to discover the abstract “topics” occurring in a collection of documents…

Why did I choose to study both food science and urban analytics?

Cities are fascinating, constantly evolving and strikingly complex. They are home to diverse communities who conserve their unique atmosphere.

Yet, the growth of the urban environment challenges our lifestyle, threatens our wellbeing and our food system. Sustainability, Health, Nutrition, Diet — these are all topics which are up for debate. This urges curious minds to design, create and shape human spaces where older and future generation will live in harmony.

Diverse images from UCL, The Bartlett, King’s Cross London

The Bartlett, UCL’s global Faculty of the Built Environment is a leading institution in challenging current urban structures and developing new living spaces. It welcomes Specialists in Architecture, Design, and…

Part 1: Exploratory Data Analysis — The Guardian Recipes

The Guardian Food Recipes by TheGuardian


The Guardian publishes celebrity chefs’ recipes on a daily basis. The food section of the newspaper provides inspirations for new dishes to food lovers, hobby cooks, hungry students or tired parents. It invites amateur chefs to explore the boundless culinary world, to engage with new ingredients and flavours, to learn cooking techniques or to find inspiration for celebratory feasts. In a nutshell, The Guardian food section whets every readers’ appetite.

Newspaper culinary articles, however, shed light on much more than just food ingredients. They influence the food culture, the consumer purchases, the reader diets and the traditional family recipes. …

Do you like pancakes? Twitter Analysis & Natural Language Processing of 70k tweets!


Tuesday, 5th March 2019 was Pancake Day! Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday in Commonwealth countries and Ireland, is the day preceding Ash Wednesday. The specific custom observed by many Christians was to celebrate the day eating pancakes and thus, finishing all the butter, eggs and fat that would be avoided during the Lenten season (the 40 days before Easter).

I know the Brits always have fascinating ways of celebrating special occasions, but I remain surprised to see the excitement raising approaching Pancake Day. Not only were both baking amateurs and chef experts thinking intensively about their next creation…

Part 1: Tweets Data Analysis

1. Introduction

Veganuary is a campaign organized by the UK charity Veganuary that encourages people to try a vegan diet (eating only plant-based foods) for the month of January. The main reasons that people engage with this challenge include the issues with animal welfare, climate change and improving personal health. The year has seen a new record in the number of people signing up to participate. Veganuary revealed that a total of 250,000 participants worldwide subscribed to join the movement.

Veganism is more than ever the hottest topic and therefore gives a perfect opportunity for Twitter data analysis. This will allow insight…

Aude Vuilli

Data and Plant Scientist @Vertical_Future. Smart Cities @CASAUCL & Food Science @ETH Zurich - Interested in IoT for urban green spaces and urban vertical farms!

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