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We finished working on the trend predictions for winter 21 and we are ready to share some of our observations. In the natural legacy of our AW 20 theme “ PURPOSE “, RE-PURPOSE is the theme we’re presenting for Autumn Winter 21.

Indeed, in the era of the RE, (recycle, reuse, reduce) Re-Purpose takes you to a sensorial wellness, where statement & diversity are integrated in design as a mass mattering concept. The message is “re-purposed” as well as the function of garment ; but this time with humor and femininity .

From this assessment we draw 5 key concepts which, style wise, can shove market…

Cultural broker is a neologism whose common usage describes a person who facilitates the border crossing of another person or group of people from one culture to another culture.

In this post, we are going to talk about our vision of trends, our method and how it could be linked to innovation and to design through a cultural perspective.

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Picture by Williams Malott


At Entada textile we value the job of cultural broker both in the management and in the design thinking approach. We consider that fashion is an endless cultural turnover and that it adapts to trends, market, ressources and manufacturing possibilities. …

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