A Celebration of All Things True Crime

By Emily Barrett-Bastardi Digital Content Director at audioBoom

As true crime podcasts grow in popularity and variety, a tight-knit community has developed among hosts, producers and fans. I like to think my work at audioBoom makes me part of that community, too. Which is why I can’t wait to channel my inner Jessica Fletcher at the first annual CrimeCon!

Billed as a “weekend of motives, murder and mystery”, CrimeCon takes place June 9–11 and brings together the best of the genre in print, television, film and podcasting. But before I head to Indianapolis, I want to spotlight some of the podcasters I’m excited about finally meeting in person!

1. Already Gone

Who: Nina Innsted

What: The smooth, lilting voice of this lifelong Detroiter provides an almost seductive counterpoint to the sometimes strange, sometimes gruesome stories of the missing, the lost and the murdered.

Download: ‘The Good Hart Murders’ goes all the way back to 1968 to revisit the murder of an entire family who were vacationing on Lake Michigan.

2. Convicted

Who: Brooke Gittings

What: As the producer of Actual Innocence, Gittings knows a thing or two about wrongful convictions. Convicted is her second podcast and her first attempt at a long form, serialized investigation. Richard Nicolas, charged with the murder of his two year old daughter, is the subject. Hannah Verdier writes in The Guardian that, “In a world where any crime-related podcast becomes known as “the new Serial”, Convicted has climbed to the top of the iTunes chart without hype.”

Download: Don’t let the million plus downloads on Apple Podcasts fool you, the first episode, ‘A Story Worth Telling’, is only a few weeks old! So you can subscribe today and reduce the risk of hearing spoilers.

3. Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff

Who: Bob Ruff and Michael Bussing

What: Like many of us this firefighter turned podcaster was a fan of Serial but he took things a step further by developing his own show as a way to “crowdsource” investigations. Ruff engages ordinary people around the crisis of wrongful convictions and enlists them into the Truth & Justice Army to share insights and gather evidence.

Download: With The Case Against Ates’, Truth & Justice fully transitions from being a Serial legacy project to investigating new cases like the death of Elnora Griffin. Another worthwhile episode is ‘Come Home’, the emotional finale to Season 2 in which the evidence gathered by the Truth & Justice Army is handed over to Ed Ates’ attorney in the hopes of overturning his conviction.

4. In Sight

Who: Ali and Charlie

What: One of the most well done indie podcasts to cover true crime, mysteries, and forgotten history from across the globe. Ali and Charlie are thorough and meticulous in their research. Can’t recommend them enough!

Download: ‘Lyle Stevik & Jane Doe’ covers two different, unrelated cold cases and the isotope testing that might hold the key to solving both. The episode showcases Ali’s and Charlie’s ongoing interest in the forensic science and psychological/sociological elements of each case.

5. Missing Maura Murray

Who: Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri

What: Two filmmakers revisit the case of a 21-year-old college student from Amherst, Massachusetts. Maura Murray was last seen on February 9, 2004 after surviving a single car accident and since that time Murray’s family and the local community have worked tirelessly to keep her story in the public eye. That dedication, along with the disappearance itself, is covered in great depth on the podcast.

Download: Start with the first episode to get the critical overview of this unsolved mystery. Then dive in and start binge listening. You’ve got over fifty episodes to go.

6. Most Notorious! A True Crime Podcast

Who: Erik Rivenes

What: True crime podcasts tend to cover cold cases or wrongful convictions that are years, sometimes decades old but Most Notorious is a veritable true crime time machine! Each week, novelist Erik Rivenes and his guests (who also tend to be writers) revisit true-life tales of crime and tragedy from the early 20th and 19th centuries.

Download: ‘John Dillenger’s Women’ is the first of a two-part interview with Ellen Poulsen, author of “Don’t Call Us Molls”. Poulsen shares the stories of the many women involved with the infamous Public Enemy #1.

If you love true crime podcasts subscribe to all these great shows on Apple Podcasts today! And if you’re a true crime podcaster who wants to learn more about hosting, distributing and monetizing your show contact us at audioBoom.com.