UK Podcast Listeners ‘More Likely’ to Buy Products Endorsed by Hosts

  • New stats from audioBoom — world’s leading on-demand spoken word platform — reveals how podcasting is revolutionising digital advertising
  • In a new survey of British podcast listeners, 25% said they were ‘more likely’ to purchase a product promoted by a podcast host because they trusted their judgement
  • Almost 40% said they had bought or tried something their favourite podcaster had recommended
  • More than three quarters said they supported podcast advertising to keep the service free

April 10, 2017. London. PODCAST advertising is reaching a targeted audience of highly-engaged and influenced listeners — with up to a quarter saying they would be ‘more likely’ to buy a product recommended by a podcast host — according to new research.

In a survey of 2,646 UK podcast listeners by audioBoom, 25 per cent of listeners said they were ‘more likely’ to purchase a product mentioned by a podcast host because they trusted their judgement, while 38 per cent said they had bought, tried or researched a product supported by a host.

Listeners also revealed an overwhelming backing for advertising within podcasts, with 77 per cent saying they supported ads and live reads to keep the format free for users.

The survey also revealed 76 per cent of podcast listeners are graduates — meaning the audience are educated and conscious about how they spend their money and a third (33.3%) said they listened to more than 7 podcasts a week.

Ruth Fitzsimons, SVP of International Operations & Content Partnerships at audioBoom: ‘These results give us real insight into how engaged our listeners are, not only with podcast hosts, but also with the brands that advertise within our content.

‘It reveals listeners are supportive about getting their favourite podcasts for free, in return for listening to adverts.

‘Podcast hosts are upfront about advertising, explaining it funds the podcast.

‘That honesty builds trust and, in turn, our research shows listeners are more likely to trust the brands their hosts recommend and are more likely to buy from those brands.

She added: ‘Our bespoke ‘live read’ adverts are read out by hosts as part of the podcast. They’re seamless and more authentic than a traditional advert, so listeners are less likely to skip them.’

AudioBoom also seek to build human relationships between brands and podcasters, partnering like-minded brands with suitable hosts.

It means podcast adverts fit the listener demographic, meaning content is more targeted and there’s no risk of brands being linked to inappropriate content.

It follows recent issues around programmatic advertising, which saw a series of high-profile brands withdraw advertising from sites like YouTube, after being inadvertently linked to extremist sites as a result of automated ad placement.

Ruth Fitzsimons added: ‘We build human relationships so brands trust podcasters to deliver their messaging. It means brands know who is speaking for them and it allows the podcaster to deliver the message in the way they know their audience will best respond to.’

AudioBoom is enjoying a huge growth, with podcast consumption doubling year-on-year, up 105 per cent from 2016.

The growth is being spearheaded by success stories such as Untold: The Daniel Morgan Story and They Walk Among Us, a new wave of British True Crime podcasts, mirroring the success of US series such as Serial.

Untold — which investigates the 30-year-old unsolved case of Daniel Morgan, described as the most investigated murder in British history — attracted over 4million listens to its first series in 2016 and is now returning for a second series.


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