Limit Your Consumption. Increase Your Creation
Srinivas Rao

“And every moment you spend consuming is a moment you don’t spend creating.” — interesting. Should I now stop reading you or follow you?

Medium is not a book, therefore is not ok to read you here, is it? So, basically, you’re telling us not to “consume” “creations” like this one, are you not?

Well, I don’t agree with you, because:

a) in order to create you need to consume — you have to read, read, read a million times more than you write or you’ll never have a clue about writing; you have to know what the market has, to produce what it doesn’t have(for instance);

b) and a book is not ok — some books are fine, a few are wonderful, but many are crap (everyone knows that). Just like media articles, emails or Facebook posts: if they are a waste of time, don’t subscribe / read / view.

No, I don’t agree with you, but your general advice is always on my mind: I try not to consume what is a waste of time.

Thanks for the irony of it all.

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