Google Chrome: the Puritan Hawthorne’s town revisited on every download

(or another day in the startup school of life)


Funny, the amount of people who want to help us because we are starting up. Astonishing, the number of companies (some of them startups I’m sure) that are helped by governments and other official institutions to help us. Us, the little blokes on the street, sort of.

Because —

  1. Politics: a) while you’re starting a company you’re no longer considered unemployed; b) while you’re starting a company you’re giving work for several others; c) while you’re starting a company you’re registering things officially and buying stuff you need, i.e. paying government taxes and VAT as a normal client; d)if your company lives, you’ll become a employer. Great.

2. Companies in the startup business: a) the more they can attract startups to work around them, the more they’ll be sponsored by the official institutions; b) the more they’ll be sponsored, the better they can grow; c) the higher the success of the startup, the more famous the helping company will be… Well, you get the picture.

So far so good. Or not, but “La vida es chula” (as the handbag says) and the show must go on.

Knowing all this, I mean, that there’s so many people trying to make an honest living out of their own work, ideas, time and expenses — and that this suits just fine so many others who profit from helping these people… Knowing all this, it’s quite a blow to discover that the all mighty Google is against us. Us, the little startup.

But it is. And no one seems to care enough to do something about it. We are talking about “Safe Browsing”. And if you don’t understand why “Safe Browsing” is a huge cynical fraud , just check the comments on Chrome’s blog. You’ll see for yourself.

Now us: all we wanted to do was to release a beta version of the software that will be included in our VC1 — Vocal Converter. But, of course, Chrome will do their very best to slander us. Without any reason, any proof, anything other that, to them, we are unknown therefore malicious!!!

Unknown = malicious. Something like: live by our rules or we’ll mark you as venomous. It is The Scarlett Letter, isn’t it?

Of course, as in the Boston town in 1642, it’s all about power. Chrome, the judge, considers us a threat because they can, but, as the good catholic church of those times, the web powers accept yearly indulgences and everything will be forgiven.

Yes, if we pay a yearly fee (SSL or Software Certification, or what else…), we will no longer be considered a world threat. Does this make sense? Everyone knows the big gun traders, for instance, are a world threat no matter how many SSL urls they may have, but the web powers don’t care. The idea here is: “just give us some money and we’ll say you’re safe”. Is it me, or there’s something of Don Corleone in this line of thought? Nah, I must be dreaming.

And here we stand. This is nothing new, it’s just another journey on the startup school of life, because “in the view of Infinite Purity, we are sinners all alike”.

But some are more sinners than others.

Just so that you know.