The Process of Getting FREE Craigslist Footrubs in NYC

My partner is a swell guy, he makes me sandwiches, he rubs my back and he puts up with all the annoying shit about my personality that i don’t let just ANYONE see (indeed, an honor). But, in essence I’m a gal, and we like shit rubbed. My back, my legs, my feet, my bank account (that doesn’t really make sense)… and hey he works full time, he comes home, he’s tired, I can’t expect him to pamper me in all the worldly goodness that a man can offer with limited energy and resources. Fine. I secede. I cannot make this man do something that he doesn’t want to do and believe me I appreciate that. May be us as a couple is on some 2016 futuristic non-owernship peace love and happiness ting.

I veered off a little here, I want my shit rubbed. So with permission from my boyfriend I asked him if it was ok If I posted a craigslist ad asking for foot rubs and in exchange I would give “consent” for these men to touch me, no money exchange (see attached pic for ad). There were guidelines that I set: This isn’t secretive, my boyfriend knows. We meet in public and a friend comes with me. I provide the blanket and coconut oil.

Within 24 Hours, I received about 7 inquires, I didn’t post this ad so I could poke and prod fun at men on the internet who had foot fetishes, shit, I really wanted my feet rubbed. The difficulties with this is and as I expected was most men wanted a promise for more than just an innocent foot rub. Many wanted a pre-determined agreement that before meeting I would agree to doing other things than a foot rub.

Arjun K. — he wanted to smell my pussy and ass through a blanket in the park, which was way out of the boundaries I set in the ad, so I respectfully declined. He kind of shot back with wanting to take me and my friend to expensive exotic restaurants. Again, WAY OUT OF THE BOUNDARIES of what I’m trying to do in this ad. I reiterated that I just wanted to keep the situation within what the ad states, and he was in essence, “doing the most”. He wasn’t particularly happy about it and ended the conversation with stating that he and I were both Asian and we had a responsibility to help each other out in this situation.

stay tuned for updates.