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by Safe Kalouti

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Welcome to our first Audio Troupe blog post. We are quite thrilled to build this connection with all of you by reaching out to you through Medium.

Here at Audio Troupe, we believe that buying a pair of headphones should not be a difficult task as it currently is today. Buying a pair of headphones should be a simpler and more seamless, hands-on experience.

Unimpressed by the limited selection your local tech store has on display? we feel you. Overwhelmed by the clutter of e-commerce shops and the insane number of headphone models that appear on one screen? we know your pain, and we realize how and why people can’t truly enjoy their music and their multimedia content to its full potential; and that’s because many of you can’t seem to find the right pair of headphones that suits your budget, style, and taste. Admittedly, it is a tough task to shop for a pair of headphones online or in-store and manage to tick all three boxes successfully when making that purchase.

Many of you can’t seem to find the right pair of headphones that suits your budget, style, and taste

When you sign up for Audio Troupe, we will curate a package that contains several pairs of headphones that you get to try out within a trial period. These headphone-pairs are particularly selected based on:

  • Your budget: a pricing category that suits you
  • Your style: a style of headphones that suits your listening activities, and these range between In-ear earbuds, On-ear headphones, or Over-the-ear headphones.
  • Your taste: color, material, and shape of headphones/earbuds

This product offering opens the door a new way of purchasing a pair of headphones, and not just any pair, but a pair that ticks all three boxes successfully. Our goal at Audio Troupe is to help everybody achieve what is called OSLE, which stands for Optimal Subjective Learning Experience. Each person has a different way of enjoying their music and multimedia content in their own subjective way, depending on what type of activity you’re engaged in. Whether you want to isolate yourself from external noise on a commute, pump up your workout with fast paced and motivating tunes, or simply to enjoy the latest album of your favorite band, we all have a specific way that we enjoy and engage multimedia content.

Audio Troupe wants to enhance this engagement further by unearthing a new way of purchasing a pair of headphones. A pair of headphones that is tailored specifically to your preferences will help you truly enjoy your music, better your commute, and supercharge your workout.

More blog posts will be coming soon, stay tuned!


Safe Kalouti, from Audio Troupe

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