Learn Better Together

How We Learn




Learning Together Pays Off

Learn Better Together

Learning a New Process

Learning a New Tool

Learning a New Context

Learning is Hard

  • Resistance from inside the team is usually solvable if everyone is invested in becoming a high performing team. The key is to convince them that this technique can help them get there.
  • Resistance from outside the team is a little trickier, and this often comes up when trying to get protected learning time in the schedule when there wasn’t any before. The best argument that I have is that learning is an investment in future productivity, and your company will pay the price of learning one way or another.
  • Sometimes your team will flounder with a new practice — in those cases I find it helps to check that everyone understands what the goal is, to try to tackle a simpler challenge, and if that doesn’t work then look for a different approach.
  • Other times it can seem like the team is rushing through learning. If that’s the case, seek feedback on what they have learned by applying the learning and reflecting. If the team has what they need, then there’s no reason to hold them back on principle.

Learn as a Team

  • Clarify goals for the learning activity. Make sure everyone is in alignment about what you need to learn and why
  • Apply what you have learned together immediately — the sooner you use your new knowledge, the better it is going to stick
  • Protect your learning time — if you are in a position to do so, make learning and developing new group learning techniques an explicit priority and create time for it in your team’s schedule. You will learn one way or another, but creating time for it can improve your learning efficiency.
  • Include everyone — learning is social and for the team to build active knowledge together they need to learn together.
  • Iterate and reflect — no single learning technique is going to work for every person or every team. It’s beneficial to take time to reflect on our learning practices: what is working well and what could be better, and iterate to improve.




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Audrey Troutt

Audrey Troutt

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