Which killed him, the disease or the choice?

Everyday he chose to not use. Everyday he used anyway.

What “IF” someone had treated his brain disease?

Most people, when asked about if addiction is a disease or a choice, will stand with one or the other. But why does one need to choose? Maybe it is both? Maybe one needs to consider the facts before it kills your family member.

Drug over dose is killing more people than car accidents, HIV or homicide. Accidental death by drug use has been on the rise for over ten years. This rise is due to prescription painkillers and heroin. Prescription painkillers cause more deaths than all illegal drugs combined. (Rudd 2016)

An addiction to painkillers gets expensive and unobtainable. Then one will progress to heroin. Once on heroin the addiction of it, takes most lives. There are no limits, doctors, Moms, Dads, children; all are at risk for a drug addiction.

Colorado tripled in heroin related deaths over the last four years. The Colorado Department of Public Health, reports that there is an epidemic. (Rodgers 2015) Colorado has a serious threat to society. There is a public health concern and something has to change. If not the rising overdose of drug rate will continue and it could be your friend or loved one next.

For decades drug addiction has two avenues; prevention and conviction. The US attempts to prevent drug use by funneling government programs into schools or by punishing drug abuse with extreme consequences. Consequences like incarceration. Yet, there is an increase in drugging. It is clear that neither strategy is working. It is time society meets the addict where they stand and address the problem where it lies.

Drug use is a worldly issue. Choosing to work with its harmful effects in a constructive way has to happen. Ignoring or condemning the addict will not resolve the issue. We need facilities that know how to work with this brain disease. We need qualified personal and qualified doctors.

America needs to wake up! A drug addict made a choice but the brain disease is killing them! We can go about discovering this through the science behind it or the simple indications. The drug epidemic is, in staggering numbers, wiping out the current and upcoming generations. Drug related deaths are killing faster than any plague upon this earth. The homeless population has increased due to addiction. The severe numbers range from 13 years old and up. People are selling their souls to get high! More people than not, are abusing drugs; that should tell us something!

It is not bad choices driving this drug abuse. It is a disease of the brain!

I understand why people have a negative view on drug addiction. Addiction breeds hate, deception, depression, greed and grief. Addiction breaks families and destroys life.

For some, it is easier to hate the addict rather than the disease. Everything we once knew as a society about addiction has to change. Until it affects your life, kills your child or your wife it is not addressed. But just wait, this choice or disease will affect your life.

Millions of people are standing on corners all across America. They are dope sick and begging for money to feed their bad choices as their disease progresses.

Our brains are all different. Two people might use drugs for recreation and one becomes the addict. Why the addict uses is different in every scenario. Mental illness or even prescribed pain pills for a broken bone can result in an addiction. There is so much more that goes into addiction than meets the average eye. How has addiction touched your life? Is it a disease or a choice? Does it matter?

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