This piece was based on a talk that I gave at Source in early 2017 and was originally posted on the Designer Fund blog. Thumbtack is a partner company for Bridge, Designer Fund’s professional development program for experienced designers.

I joined Thumbtack in July of 2015. I’d been at a consulting firm for seven years, and Thumbtack’s mission of connecting people to local small-business professionals really spoke to me.

But six weeks in, my VP of Design decided to leave, and I suddenly found myself in charge of leading the design team. …

We’re proud to announce that Thumbtack is partnering with Designer Fund for 2017’s Bridge program. Bridge is a professional development program for design leaders from product, communication, and management backgrounds focused on creating opportunities for you to:

  • Advance your career as a design leader
  • Work with companies to make meaningful impact on products that reach millions of people
  • Join a design team and company that truly values design
  • Learn from curated, off the record talks and workshops
  • Become a part of an intimate community of exceptional designers

Designers apply to join partner companies, like ours, and become part of a…

Audrey Liu

VP, Head of Design @ Lyft. Mom. Lifetime Learner. Karaoke All-Star.

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