The powerful Impact of Storytelling

Reasons why storytelling is such a powerful tool

For this post, I decided to focus on the first option, which was explaining my view of the term storytelling. There are a variety of views on this term, and some do not support how this term has taken over in recent years for branding and content promotion. I believe anything that displays a company or advertisement using people or characters to show an experience that is relatable to a viewer and makes an impact on the consumers purchasing decisions is storytelling. Storytelling has become such a powerful technique because of its ability to emotionally connect with viewers on a different level opposed to just advertising with facts and statistics. With the constant improvement in technology and social media advancements in today’s society, content marketing through more personal accounts is taking over. Brands are trying to create advertisements that seem more genuine and easier for the consumer to connect with on a more human and personal level. Last week, I focused on the company Starbucks and their campaign ‘meet me at Starbucks.’ That example is so strong for a company’s ability to use storytelling in a way that relates to consumers and grabs their attention in becoming part of the story. Brands in a sense want you to feel the personal connection. Personally I don’t believe the term storytelling is overused because I find it to be such a powerful modern content marketing and branding technique that I have a hard time critiquing a concept that works. Some experts find storytelling to be the most innovative business skill. In a recent article posted in 2014, researchers found that 78 percent of CMOs find content marketing through storytelling to be the future of marketing. Therefore people have a difficult time relating to your statistics and marketing goals as a company. Consumers care about a good story. Stories make for strong ideas, and concepts to stick with the viewer. This will make them more interested in the brand, and embody what it stands for often times subconsciously. In addition, in an article from the New York Times, one of the reasons storytelling may be so appealing could have to do with the love hormone, oxytocin. There was a study completed by Professor Zak, and he found that after watching character-driven advertisements, the viewers had an increase in Oxytocin and they were more likely to help or show interest and belief in the advertisement. All in all, although the concept of storytelling has been around and used in advertising for many years, it is currently a ‘buzzword’ and companies are competing to create the most compelling stories to promote their brand, and or product. I completely stand behind this concept, and support company’s use of storytelling.