Happy days ahead.

No matter where my future takes me or where I end up in the world, I will always be a Southern California girl at heart. As stereotypical and cliched as it might sound, the beach really is my happy place. I have spent countless cold mornings before school, only the moon’s reflection on the water, loading surfboards into my dad’s truck and paddling as hard as I can. Water warmer than the air outside and a pitch black skyline have become nothing out of the ordinary. Life and schedules demand that we go specific places and do certain things, but there is no excuse to lose your passions. Despite the constant sunburns and looming fears of sharks, rip-currents, and whatever else might be lurking in the murky water, I will never pass up a surf trip, even if it costs me a couple hours of sleep. There is a certain feeling that comes from being so heavily immersed in nature as you paddle out into the waves that words will never really do justice. The great big sea doesn’t discriminate, it will never judge you. Paddling into a wave, the tide sees no difference between two surfers alike. You are either strong enough to survive the currents or you’re not, the ocean doesn’t care. Though I do like to think of myself as a fairly good writer, my hopes are not set high enough to think that my own words could ever really capture the sea.

. Though it it kind of seems like this bit of writing is me telling you that you should go catch a plane to the west coast immediately, otherwise you’re doing life wrong, that’s not my point I’m trying to make. Me, I love to surf. But maybe you love to paint, to sing, to play sports. In all honesty, it hardly matters what you love. The important thing is how you love.

If playing the guitar brings you immense joy and fulfillment, but you gave that passion up for a more reliable desk job, you have just given up what might’ve been the thing you were born to do.

In this society, success is often measured by the size of your bank account rather than the depth of your heart.

I would like to change that. It could be a life altering difference if we all just stopped seeing “happy” and “wealthy” as synonyms, because they’re not. Some classy suit doesn’t separate you from someone in old t-shirts; what creates the difference is the ability to pursue what you love, despite what may come of it. Along with surfing, I love to write, and one day, I plan on being just that. Sure it would be nice if my name went down with F. Scott Fitzgerald and Jane Austen, but I don’t care. This quick piece of writing is a promise to myself that I will not lose the very essence of what makes me, a jumble of thoughts, a million dreams. I am Elizabeth Day, wether everyone knows it or not.

Maybe you too can promise yourself this too, I really hope you can. Off you utterly devote yourself to pure happiness, for others and for yourself, no one will ever be able to stop you.

I guess I’m really not one to talk, I’m only just trying this today, beginning with this little post. I plan to get back to you on how my plan is going to work out though, and I’ve got a hunch it’s going to be positive results.

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