10 Reasons Why I Love Spain!

Spaniards enjoy their life and the people around them. After spending 2 weeks in Madrid and Sevilla… how I wish I can live in Spain!

Do note that the photos are taken by me or my sister except the Siesta spanish yoga. Videos are taken from youtube. And since this is a personal blog I didn’t really bother to ensure the photo sizes are the same. The key thing is to curate my best memories of my holidays!

1. Drink Sangria At Every Meal

Wine is abundant and it costs the same price as a glass of water! But, of course we went ahead and indulged in Sangria!

a glass of sangria, madrid

2. Eat a Variety of Dishes at Half The Portion

Meal doesn’t have to be a one-plate affair. Spainards enjoy have a variety of dishes called racions. Instead of the usual plato or 1 full plate, you get to enjoy a variety of dishes at half the portion and price!

Fried Calamari at Plaza Espana, Euro 3
stuff duck confetti wontons at plaza de espana, sevilla. Price Euro 3
half portions at plaza de espana

3. Enjoy Art & Culture Everywhere

Spainards live an interesting and balanced lifestyle by preserving their culture and art. Walking in the street of Madrid or Sevilla… you can’t help but enjoy art everywhere you go.

art displayed at plaza mayor, madrid
road signages are placed on buildings and each road sign is uniquely designed
another uniquely designed signages
postcards of road signages

4. Celebrate Festivals With Gusto

We were lucky to be in Sevilla when they were celebrating their 2-week long of Feria. We enjoyed bullfights on 16 April featuring Finito de Córdoba, Juan Jose Padilla and Fandi. We also visited the Feria Sevilla.

The 3 maestro bullfighters which I watched on 16 April
The 16 April Show which I watched at the plaza de toros dela maestranza was shown LIVE on TV. This particular session by Juan Jose Padilla was the most interesting. I caught myself LIVE on Spanish TV… if you can find.
we watched the live bull fight at the oldest bull fight stadium, plaza de toros dela maestranza
I took this photo from where I sat
beautiful Spanish lady agreed to pose a photo, plaza de espana
this lady too agreed to pose for me, plaza de espana
we visited the Feria Grounds! Simply a wonderful experience, Sevilla, Spain

5. Hang Out With Your Best Buddies

I love the fact that Spaniards can meet up and ‘network’ & hangout with their buddies! Don’t be surprised if you see oldies hanging out together!

Uncles network to their hearts’ content. Spaniards really emphasis on living and interacting with the community and not work all the time.

6. Love Pork… Love Spain

If you’re a lover of pork. You’re in a for a real treat! They celebrate life with food. If you’re hungry, jamones tapas is available 24 hours a day at any cafe that stays opened.

jamones sandwich
hanging jamones

7. Dance The Flamingo

Distinctive vigorous tap dancing together with continuous clapping! Catch a full performance at the same venue we watched at the Flamingo Musuem, Sevilla.

We find that the dance is a mix of indian with flamingo. And the singing is quite distinctively muslim inspired. Since, Sevilla was under Moorish rule for 800 years before the roman catholics.

watched this live. She is really good.
He danced so vigorously that his sweat flew onto my face!

8. Ogle At Lovely Mosaics

We simply love the mosaic influenced by the Moorish era.

a tile, we took this photo at alcazar
milk away near alcazar sevilla
walking on ancient tiles at the countess of librija
so beautiful right? Tiles found at the Alhambra Granada

9. Be Transported To The Moorish Era

We enjoyed the beautiful Moorish architecture! Watch this video to understand the history behind the Moorish empire in Spain.

10. Take A Nap… It Is Siesta Time

An afternoon is such a good idea. Between 2pm to 5pm, the city is suddenly quiet. Shops and cafes close. People disappear. Not sure whether the locals really return home to sleep. But, at round 5pm to 6pm, the locals start appearing on the streets… looking refreshed and happy!

We think it is such a great idea!

tourist must- have t-shirt, selling at souvenir stores

Looking forward to the next Spanish trip!

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