Singapore and Denmark: Contrasting happiness — Can sunshine and low income tax make you happy?
Elsa Ho

Perhaps you haven’t walked in other parts of Singapore. There are lots of free parks and greenery everywhere. It is open free for everyone and it is accessible anytime.

And there are lots of locals and expats taking advantage of these open spaces everyday. Have you visited East Coast Park, Bishan Park, Punggol Park, Sungei Boleh, Coney Island, Fort Canning Park, Botanic Gardens? Have you heard about the Park Connector in Singapore? Perhaps you want to check out the no. of parks and greenery we have in Singapore

And perhaps if you read the history of Singapore, we just celebrated our 50 years of national building. Once you read and listen to some of the speeches by Lee Kuan Yew… you would understand why there are so many dos and don’ts.

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