Tell the Honest Truth & Don’t Waste Other People’s Time — Vindoa Kholsa

I stumbled upon a Stanford Graduate Video, “Failure Doesn’t Matter. Success Matters.” featuring Vinod Kholsa & I had a “ah ha” moment… my brain lit up!

Silicon Valley technology investor Vinod Khosla has run his own venture capital firm, Khosla Ventures. His net worth is $1.69 billion and Khosla made his early fortune as one of the co-founders of Sun Microsystems, a company which created the Java programming language

5 Major Key Takeaways

1. What do you prefer? Brutal honesty or hypocritical politeness?

It will help entrepreneurs if they are introspective … rather that giving them advice with hypocritical politeness & waste their time for the next few years.

2. The Learning Experience of a Startup Whether Successful or Unsuccessful is Extremely Valuable

3. Most VCs Have Not Earned the Right to Advise Entrepreneurs

Basically Venture Capitalist has become a big business, it used to be a speciality art form. Sequoia was started by Don Valentine. These guys earned the right to advise mentor entrepreneur, they have gone through the battles and been through the firing line.

Most VCs have not earned the right to advise entrepreneurship. You must have gone through a startup to really advise an entrepreneur to build a company. And most VCs have not gone through that and have given stupid advise. If you got out of business school and went to a VC firm and grew up and eventually become a partner you haven’t learnt what it is like to be in a startup.

4. Failure Does Not Matter. Success Matters.

I am never embarrassed about my failures. Where I screwed up doesn’t matter. In fact it is a longer list than success. Nobody remembers your failure. They remember your success.

Try & fail. But don’t fail to try.

Only those who failed greatly can succeed greatly.

5. Come Up with Your Own Priorities & Measure Them

You should watch this video Vinod Khosla: Failure does not matter. Success matters at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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