How My Best Friend Sexually Assaulted and Emotionally Manipulated Me for A Year
Roslyn Talusan

Having taken the time to read every word here, I want to express my appreciation and admiration to you for writing and sharing this story. In spite of the dozens and dozens of repulsive remarks from clueless men who refuse to “get it” that women are not here for their own sexual gratification ~ when will they learn? (And of course NOT ALL MEN, but so so many) ~ your story resonates intimately with me and I’m quite certain hundreds of others.

After having been sexually assaulted or raped by a man, whether we knew him/loved him or not (and sadly, I speak from experience), why on Earth would another man think that “them” fucking us would be just what we need to heal or forget? Men: it’s not what we want from you! How much clearer can we be about this?

It sounds to me like THE ONLY THING Alex wanted (back) from you every time you tried to turn him away was sex, sex and more sex or at least the promise that more sex would at least be forthcoming down the road! For this reason alone, so many women despise men … we don’t have that same physical urgency and can’t comprehend how far a man is willing to go to get laid. I know I can’t comprehend it. What is the big deal? Jerk off. Leave those of us who don’t want (or aren’t ready for whatever reason) to have sex with you alone.

PS I am not an embittered feminist. I love men. But I hate to read stories like this and wish men better understood what women needed and wanted from them.

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