Tomorrow is my second track and field conference meet. It is the culmination of a year of work and for those that don’t continue to further competition, it’s how their season will be judged.

But for me this has been a year of hills and valleys. And tonight my feelings rise and fall in anticipation for tomorrow’s meet.

It’s important to remember, though, that one competition doesn’t determine an individual's growth throughout a season.

I’ve grown more this spring track season than any other time in my life. I’ve grown up (still in the process of this actually). I’ve taken a stand for what I believe in. I’ve redefined what I believe in. And I’m finally on the path that I want and that I know will honor God.

I like this picture of me running because this is the trip that really shook who I was.

The entire semester I had been changing how I was living, really determining who I wanted around me, and what I thought God would want me to do and be. The funny thing is it completely coincided with some changes my coach wanted to make on the team.

On this trip we conferred and discussed the future of the team, of me, and of various goals we both have. We are on the same path. I hope I can make him proud.

I know God pointed me in the direction of UNF for a reason and I love that I can see him working in my life.

While I’m nervous and excited for tomorrow and Saturday, I believe God placed me here for a reason.

I’ve gone through the valleys from freshman year to now. I’m ready for the hill.

I know my coach trusts me. I know he believes in me and I know we are on the same page.

I know my mileage hasn’t been as consistent as I wish. But I also know I’m in shape. I’m preparing mentally and I’m ready to have fun.

Tomorrow I’m going to go give it my all. I’m going to fight. And no matter what happens, even in my failure, I will give glory to God.

Even if others judge me as weak. Even if I fall. Even if I come in last place.

I will give Glory to God, because who are we trying to please if not the one who gave us everything.

I appreciate any prayers y’all.