The 11 different kinds of student interns on Facebook

Audrey Kabilova
Jul 20, 2014 · 4 min read

As summer rolls around, students start off on their various internship adventures — it’s exciting! In the modern age we want to share our experiences with as many of our friends and peers as possible. Because if you don’t post it on Facebook — did it ever happen?

You’ve certainly encountered these vibrant characters on your feed, and maybe you’ll even recognize yourself:

1) The Political Analyst

This will certainly be one of your journalism friends. Understandably after sitting all day in front of a screen reading news updates from all corners of the globe, the overpowering urge to click ‘share’ will get the better of this intern. Five to six daily updates of various news from around the world, mostly from the news organization they’re working for. Complete with nuanced captions to give the impression they know way more about this topic than anyone else. WARNING. Do not get into a Facebook comment war with this one.

2) The Fashionista

It dun’ matter who they’re working for, the important thing is that they look good. “Off to work! ;)” is posted regularly with an accompanying mirror reflection selfie that showcases their outfit for the day. You suspect they show up to work looking better than their colleagues.

3) The Gracious Oscar Winner

Each internship is greeted with a giant post thanking dozens of different people for their positive support, the company for this amazing chance, a declaration that they didn’t think they would succeed but despite all the hurdles, they did! Followers read the post with teary emotion. Each summer internship season starts with a new Oscar Speech.

4) The VIP Intern

Posts pictures at VIP conferences, talks, seminars, seen rubbing shoulders with famous politicians, policy makers, etc. “Oh don’t mind me, I’m just sitting in a meeting with the Chief Executive.” Generally doing things you’d kill to do.

5) The Selfie Magnet

Takes pictures with celebrities (or relatively famous people) that they meet to showcase their “flashy” jobs. Never mind that that job includes bringing coffee or looking after said celebrity’s pet. “Look who was at the premier! ;)” accompanying a selfie with Jennifer Lawrence… makes you question your own shitty internship choice.

6) The Complaining Show Off

“Dammit!! Had to wake up at 5am to make it to a conference in Milan with my boss, which he only told me about last night!” or “Four hour conference at the UN followed by a three hour meeting with the US delegation — not time for lunch! ☹” Truly their life is a nightmare. #amazinginternshipproblemsyouwishyouhad

7) The Not-Sure-If-Interning-Or…

Posts one update about commencing their internship then all future updates include pictures of after-work drinks, pre-work coffee, lunch break foodie pics and weekend get togethers (possibly with co-workers). You have no idea what they’re actually doing.

8) The Humanitarian

Whether volunteering at hospitals in Africa or in schools with children in Combodia, their feed is about fulfillment and joy — and a whole lotta selfies with sick or impoverished children. Put there to make you feel worse about your selfish material desires, corporate career aspirations and regular complaints about the pay (or no pay) that you receive at work.

9) The International Bumblebee

Managed to find work outside the town or even country where your university is located. Regular pics are a mix of internship photos and photos of weekend traveling adventures in their new habitat. Said habitat is usually located in a sunny town by the beach to add to the injustice.

10) The Sporadic Poster

Most interns fall into this category because they are genuinely too busy or too tired to update or care about their feed. Most likely they have an unpaid average internship which is nothing to brag about and going on Facebook to see what their peers are up to is not the best ego boost. I am describing from personal experience… sigh…

11) The Silent One

You don’t realize who this is until internship period is over. You might have even forgotten about this person altogether until you speak with them the next semester, to find out that they were interning at Goldman Sachs. Or the BBC. Or the NSA. Whichever makes you feel most jealous.

Despite the differences though, us interns are alike in the most important way — we are all scrambling and striving to put our foot in the door in the big scary world of adults. The competition is fierce and the pay is usually shit. The odds are rarely in our favor, but at least we’re not jobless!

I want to wish everyone a happy internship — only a few more weeks left, and we will all be survivors!

    Audrey Kabilova

    Written by

    HKU Student journalist, feminist & writer. Plans to travel the world covering unique stories one day. Will keep you updated on the progress!

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