On Breastfeeding — My Body, My Choice
Mirah Curzer

Considering bottle feeding rates are higher than breastfeeding rates in the US…you are not as judged as you think you are. Maybe you are putting a lot of unnecessary guilt on yourself.

My family is basically the opposite of privileged and I had to breastfeed out of necessity otherwise we couldn’t afford childcare and formula in order for me to work at the same time. Just because you take a maternity leave for several months to possibly a year doesn’t mean your whole life and career are ruined. As a “feminist” you should be fighting for a woman’s right to breastfeed and stay home longer with baby AND a mother’s right to pump or formula feed and go back to work right away.

Women have every right to be proud of themselves for breastfeeding. This article is basically trying to debunk years of studies, doctors and lactation professionals recommendations and knowledge of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is so much more than just milk.

I am sorry you feel ashamed of formula feeding, but breastfeeding mama’s (most of the time) deal with nothing but abuse. People just think it is unnecessary to breastfeed and do not support a woman’s choice to breast feed because of the more convenient options available now. I only personally know three other women that breastfed their babies and I don’t know anyone who is currently breastfeeding. Whenever the topic of feeding babies comes up, moms immediately just say they used this formula or those bottles..as if breastfeeding is not an option, they seem surprised when I say “I breastfed”.

Formula is even marketed as “Closest thing to Breast milk” or “contains [insert ingredient here], also found in breast milk”.

America is consumed by formula (which is the real “ultra-privilege) so stop acting like your whole world is over when women share empowering articles, artwork or posts about breastfeeding this week. Sit down and wait for the next week when you go back to being the majority.