Why you should care less about what others think

It terrifies me that you could be reading this and think ‘who is she? writing about life as if she has a single freakin’ clue.’

Yeah, that terrifies me. But at the same time — if I let that come into the way of expressing myself, I’ll never find a creative outlet. I’ll never find something that everyone likes.

That’s exactly the reason why so many people stick to the ordinary. Why? Because they’re too afraid to step out of the box. We find ourselves asking, what are they going to think? Am I doing the right thing? What if they think I’m weird?

In fact, half the time when I tell people about weird things I do, they actually go ‘I like that’. Or — ‘that’s awesome’.

Be more reckless about your reputation. Can you think of something you really regret until this day? Maybe. But most things have faded from your memory. And they fade even faster from other people’s memories.

Now think about someone that really embarrassed themselves in the last two weeks? How many can you come up with?




There’s 7 billion people in the world and we care so much about what others think of us. Screw that. Chances are those 7 billion are also thinking about what you think about them.

Instead, have a cup of tea. Chill out. You’re awesome. Think about that.