Josefina Kavaloski and the meter

My grandmother had a fascination with extra terrestrial beings. We would stay up late watching Twilight Zone. Flying saucers could be found in some of her paintings or drawings and she would turn my grandfather’s junk into extra terrestrial sculptures as seen above. The figures were placed throughout their property in Sun Valley, CA and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her world was her palate: doors, bricks, rocks and walls. Nothing was safe from her imagination.

One thing she could not grasp was that the gas meter on her property in Sun Valley was not her property to paint. The meter was located in the side yard of her home right outside the door to her laundry room. To get to the meter, the meter reader would have to enter through the side yard fence. Josefina found the meter to be an eye sore, so she painted it into a colorful alien. It became an interesting, bright; monster like creature. To her dismay, they repainted it back to grey. It happened several times, until the meter reader came knocking on my grandfather’s door. He asked my grandfather to please let his wife know that if she continued to paint the meter, they would receive a hefty fine. Not to mention, the time they were wasting repainting the meter. My grandfather had to call in support from my parents to help make her understand that the unsightly meter was not her property to paint.

It’s rather dark but the meter can be seen on the lower left side of the photo.