Filtered Product Reviews

When I am shopping online, I want to know if anyone in my social network has purchased the product/ their opinion on the product, so I have a higher chance of being satisfied and lower chance of returning.


When I order clothes, shoes, or anything random online, I find myself returning about half of the items. I return mostly because the clothes or shoes don’t fit right or look different than I expected. Returning the items is always a hassle and is a task that could be avoided if I had read more trustworthy feedback on the item. I always skim product reviews but it’s hard to gage the validity because I have no idea who wrote it. Also, the review could easily be written by someone at the company to try and increase sales.


Create an app that provides product feedback, suggestions, and ratings from your extended social network in order to increase buyer satisfaction and trustworthiness of reviews.

Key insights from user interviews

Online shopping — insights and user habits:

  • Interviewees all read product reviews
  • Sometimes reviews aren’t trustworthy/ appear scripted
  • More likely to buy highly rated product
  • Less likely to buy/ won’t buy if product has low (1–2 star) rating
  • Listen and always consider friend’s recommendations
  • More likely to buy if a friend has the product
  • Returning products you order online is really annoying — especially when you aren’t refunded or you get store credit



Brainstorming ideas

Key insights

  • Users can follow whoever they choose or can sign in through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social networking means
  • Appears as a feed — similar to venmo — that you see what your friends have bought and rated recently
  • Users can browse categories or search specific products — similar/related products will also be suggested that their friends have reviewed
  • Users can take photos, rate, and review products which will appear on their profile
  • Ability to access shopping apps so when users are looking at product reviews on other apps the reviews will be filtered — showing their friends/extended social networks reviews first

Medium Fidelity

Key Features

  1. Search: Users can search specific products, product types, or overall categories that people in their social network have rated, reviewed, or purchased.
  2. Engaging feed: Users can scroll through the items that their friends have purchased, rated, or reviewed recently. Users can sort their feed to show products with the highest ratings, most frequently purchased products, etc.
  3. Ratings are relatable: users are somehow connected to the other user who rated the product. Thus, users can trust and have a better idea of whose opinion they are reading.

Medium Fidelity Prototypes

Medium fidelity feed
Medium fidelity product

Key insights

Medium fidelity feed

  • The feed will display a photo of the product, user’s rating, item price, and who posted
  • The top right corner is a drop down menu
  • Users can click on the user and access their profile or click on the product to learn more about it

Medium fidelity product

  • The price, average rating, and reviews from your extended social network are displayed
  • Users can see more reviews if they choose

High Fidelity

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