Where My Loyalty Lies

Worth reevaluating current practices.

Worth trying new things.

Worth throwing out preconceived notions or excuses.

Worth learning from each other.

Worth keeping an open mind.

At Balanced, I believe, our ask of school districts and other institutions is pretty reasonable: improve the healthfulness of lunch menus by replacing a portion or two of foods high in cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium with plants. In short, more fruits, vegetables, and plant-proteins. Fewer chicken nuggets, meatball subs, and corn dogs.

My loyalty is — and will always be — to the children impacted by unhealthy food.

This is a stock photo — of very real children — who are affected by very real unhealthy menus.



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Audrey Sanchez

Audrey Sanchez

Audrey Sanchez is the Executive Director of Balanced, a nonprofit dedicated to holding food companies accountable for serving healthier foods. www.balanced.org