Books vs Movies

Almost every movie (or TV show) is based on a book nowadays. The Circle, The Dark Tower, The Lost City of Z, Hidden Figures, Live by Night, Fifty Shades Darker, Everything, Everything and so on.

To read or to see?

I prefer to read the book first. Some people do it the other way. I remember reading The Hunger Games a long time before the movie came out. I didn’t even knew there was going to be a movie. I was so happy when the movies came out. It’s a way to extend the world of the book. For some it might be like re-reading a book.

In some cases, the book is way better than the movie (because of the details and the writing). Let’s take Inferno as an example. The book contained way more details and storylines. There was a social issue central in the book. That issue was totally gone (and changed) in the movie.

The Help

One of my favorite books is The Help by Katheryn Stockett. I really loved the story and characters. Plus, it was written in the English of the 1960s. I will always remember this book. The movie adaptation was also quite nice: it kept true to the story. Shame on you if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie!