Dear Mark Zuckerberg
Susan Lyne

Susan- so beautifully said, thank you.

Thank you for putting into words memories buried away but alive enough to be stirred by your writings. The war, I remember the number of fallen was shown nightly, numbers ticking each time another was killed. I hate this fucking non-war war. A war no two people understand the same way, a fucking war designed to remain aloof and confusing. So yeah, Hillary represented a continuation of a never ending eternal downfall.

What did she accomplish in her 30 years in public service? She had three, 3, bills passed, most unremarkable to say the least. Disenchanted democrats secretly voted for Trump. Educated white and black ones and if you believe the polling system reflects truth, Hillary would be president.

The “educated” are hurting, the middle class got hurt by out sourcing and tech as much as the uneducated, which in of itself is a fucking disgusting way to try to understand why Hillary lost, few related to her scripted rhetoric, many were frustrated with her refusal to address the shit storm she was drowning in and she had nowhere left to hide, nobody left to blame and the people felt like justice was served.

She never represented the historic moment of first female president. The fact that she appealed to a certain type of person, those personally unaffected by job loss or hardship made me dislike her all the more.

That’s all for now.

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