My experience with Netflix

I have been watching Netflix for six months. Before Netflix I watched pirated movies with my friends. I don’t like watching pirated movies, but the salary in Lithuania isn’t big. People in Lithuania earns about 600 Eur/month.

So. I started to watch Netflix and now I want to share my experience.

Netflix has a lot of drama movies and series. You can watch good series: House of Cards, Narcos, Breaking Bad, Stranger Things, World War II in Colour, Outlander, Shooter, Queen of the South,Vikings, El Chapo, Better Call Saul, Anne with an E, The Same Sky, Cable Girls, Fargo…. Yes — I watch series with my wife. Therefore, I watch a lot of drama series (Cable girls). My son and I like watching horror movies: Hush, Quarantine 2, The Mist, 10 Cloverfield Line, Resident Evil, Area 51. And that’s all about horror movies. We found in Netflix good drama movies: Bonnie and Clyde, Faith Like Potatoes, The Lighthouse of the Orcas, Cast Away, Life is Beautiful, The Fountain… But there are a lot of old action, thriller and horror movies. In Netflix I couldn’t find Underground, Game of Thrones, Tyrant, A Place to Call Home, Downton Abbey, WestWorld, Person of Interest, Hell on Wheels, The Walking Dead, The Last Kingdom, Homeland, Colony and etc… I have a message for Netflix: you should update the action, horror, thriller genres in movies’ library!

In Lithuania I can’t watch HBO and ABC movies, because our region is in “forbidden countries” list :). For Netflix some movies are too expensive, and therefore, it makes movies itself. But Netflix original movies are from a lot of countries: Spain, France, Russia, USA, Italy. From USA movies are better than from Europe. And I think that Netflix original movies have similar character. Series from Spain are similar to series from USA. There are good and bad news. If you like Netflix original movies — then creator of country doesn’t matter.

Netflix has a lot of movies with a low IMDB rating. Yes, Netflix does own thumb-based rating system, but this system would work perfectly if Netflix had a lot of good movies. Now I have Netflix movies recommendations by my thumb-up, but many movies are not my taste.

Netflix has amazing movies but they are very old, for example: The Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Mission Impossible, Cast Away and etc… I would like to find in Netflix more new and better movies.

Netflix pros: Netflix hasn’t a lot of popular movies, but it has good movies too. For example, drama movies are very good. Netflix movies have very good video and audio quality. You can continue watching movie next day.

Finally, my recommendation. You can try to watch Netflix. If you want to watch 2–3 movies every day — after three months you will not find anything. If you will like Netflix style movies — you will be happy.

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