How to kill an expectation

The whole universe has its surprising way to conspire and assure that justice is being served on our platters.

It teaches us to never worry because beyond a pile of aches, a greater good is waiting on the other side.

But inevitably, worry! Because in a season of comfort and delight, misery and hopelessness are peeping behind every curves of smile, waiting for the right moment to unfold themselves.

There is a force that has been coming to me in a form of a longing-sense for that short hour, where you and I exchange informations about our plan for the day which powerfully functions as a tool that unbends me from my bed as well as a morning coffee at once.

And the contentment that pervades all over my being after knowing how well-accomplished your day went has been the lullaby that tucks me to a good night sleep.

This feeling is not at all indescribable, well in fact, it can be easily defined with a word as simple as… happiness.

This rare joy existing within every drops of blood in my vessels are racing their way to the atrium gate to fill in my heart’s chambers, but unfortunately many are prohibited to enter due to limited seats, for a spacious corner was already reserved.

There is no fortune or fame that could afford such noticeable luxurious space other than of course, the universe herself. There she holds a gravel; and when either wellness or frailness surpasses its balance limit, she would knock it down to maintain order.

Terrified of a brokenness that would arise from her unpredictable act of surprise, I smash my own walls, creating a hole on an edge for some spills of blood to escape, leaving just the right amount to keep the universe entertained.

I dig down a fresh earthly soil. I bury the injured spills there with high hopes that a miracle would turn them into seeds. And I pray they will grow into an acceptable measures of love that the universe would approve and let live, one day.


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