Come work for me!

As I’ve written, I joined SpokenLayer last week as Chief Operating Officer. My first priority: hire the VP, Engineering who will build and manage the tech that we need to execute on the growth path.

Some context:

Yesterday, we finished VoiceCamp, the accelerator at betaworks, and Will presented at the Voice Summit. We couldn’t be more excited about the vision and our ability to execute on that.

Alongside VoiceCamp, we’ve signed on some amazing new partners. Among them are:

  • Medium: the best online platform for written user-generated content (and company announcements, and notes like this).
  • Biden’s Briefing: news stories curated daily by Vice President Joe Biden and his team to keep people informed about important issues.
  • Digitalist: custom news content created daily by SAP to reach a new audience of listeners.

The funding and momentum from VoiceCamp, plus the new revenue from partners, is allowing us to scale up really fast. We hired three new employees last week: me :-); Jeremy Mims, head of Strategy, from OwnLocal; and Olivier Sherman, formerly at Ted, who will lead Partnerships.

So, we now need someone great on the tech side. Here’s the job description:

The main point, though, is that I need someone who can manage a team (we’ll get to that size soon) but is still super comfortable writing code, writing deployment scripts, and in general getting her hands dirty with the nuts and bolts of our systems.

Anyone you know fit the bill? Maybe you? This is a great time to join a fast-growing company that’s going after a $15 billion market.

Email me at josh at

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