thot: subverting white power thru alternative sexual performances

I understand your frustration, kind of. (Being white, I can’t fully empathize, of course, and I’m not trying to say that I can, but I’m also obsessively perfectionist about my own work, and I am never, ever satisfied with it. It could always be better, and I kick myself around in my head a lot over that.)
But yeah, if I were in your film class, I wouldn’t feel comfortable voicing any real criticism, constructive or not. And that is because I *am* white, dammit. I am painfully aware of my privilege, and your lack of it, all day every day. It is the 7/11 of my brain.
It really, truly sucks that you can’t get that sort of immensely-helpful criticism from your instructors, but I also understand where they’re coming from.
I have no answers. Just praise for your work and your fierce courage, your unflinching honesty.
I am very glad my children are growing up in a world which you are influencing. 
Thank you, and please, please keep it up.

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