Surgeons Should Not Look Like Surgeons
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

In some fields, though, you can’t prove your ability to produce results without looking the part first. This goes doubly if you happen to have a uterus.
When I was a practicum student, in my first semester of mortuary school, I was regularly mistaken for my boss’ supervisor, because I wore tailored suits and lipstick, and she wore wrinkled pants and a bare face.
Was this fair? Hell no. But on the other hand . . . how were these families supposed to trust her to make their deceased loved one look their best, when she couldn’t make herself look like she went to the laundromat on a regular basis?
The same holds true in many other fields where appearance *is* the product, everything from cosmetology to public relations.
I know the old saw about the two barbers, but damn, I learned to cut my own hair in fifth grade.
When hiring, you absolutely look at results over image. But you also keep in mind the fact that your clients aren’t necessarily so enlightened.

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