Oh honey…
Allison Washington

We did, but there’s no reason why we can’t let our failures then, inform our actions now.
At the funeral homes I’ve worked at, I always get tapped in for the arrangements for suicides, whenever possible. It hurts every single time, regardless of the circumstances. I’m okay with that. It should hurt.
But being able to sit across the table from someone who is feeling like they failed, and telling them my own stories, of how many people I had around me ready and willing, practically chomping at the bit with eagerness, to help, and how I went ahead and tried my damndest to check out anyway . . . 
I think I’m helping. The families tell me I’m helping, at least.

We have to forgive ourselves, obviously. But we also have to go forward with what we know, and do everything in our power to help others with those tools. Even when it hurts. *Especially* when it hurts.

That’s what you’re doing here, and it is good work, in every sense of that term.

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