What exactly were Trump and the House Members Celebrating?

Trump and the House Republicans gathered at the White House for a party last night. What exactly were they celebrating?

They haven’t passed a bill, and there’s zero chance that bill the house approved will become law. Zero — the Senate is already talking about writing its own.

Since no bill was passed, nothing will change. No change to healthcare, taxes, or government services. Nothing is changed. Another Republican photo opp to celebrating mission accomplished when nothing has yet been accomplished.

So, why the celebration?

They were celebrating because the Republicans finally found something they could agree upon. After seven years and 54 separate votes to repeal, cripple or undermine Obamacare, they finally agreed with each other. After years of claiming they had an alternative, GOP House members finally stumbled, negotiated and shamed each other into agreement. But does having members of your own party agreeing with each other seem like an appropriate reason for a Rose Garden celebration?

And what an agreement it was! They screwed the poor. Screwed the elderly. Screwed the sick and disabled who are supposed to most benefit from a healthcare plan.

Not only that — they rushed to vote on a plan despite having NO IDEA what it would cost. Not a single analysis had been completed. No one knows the cost to the government of this plan. Or the number of uninsured it will create. Those fake-news fiscal conservatives approved a plan without knowing ANYTHING about what it will do to Americans or the budget.

Does that sound like a reason to celebrate? An agreement to hurt the neediest despite having no concept of the impact or cost to the nation?

Of course not, because here’s what they were really celebrating: An agreement to give yet another giant tax cut to the rich. Hoorah!

“We promised a better and cheaper plan that would insure everyone and those voting suckers bought it! And now we get to do what we wanted — harm those voters and hand more money to the people in our nation who least need it. Cheers, Donald! Here’s to you, Paul! Now, on to tax reform so we can do more of the same!”

Meanwhile, people in red hats will still show up and chant “Make America Great Again” as their opportunities and protections grow ever dimmer. And if some of those dupes take off that hat, scratch their head, and wonder if they’ve been played, Donald will simply talk about immigrants or Muslims or the media, and all will be forgiven. The saps in red hats won’t even notice they’ve sold their children’s future for a few fun rallies where they got to scream about the people they don’t like.

That’s what the Republicans were celebrating. They accomplished nothing — except executing yet another successful con job. Yesterday’s Rose garden party was the Hollywood equivalent of the scene in a movie where the grifters roll around in their victim’s money drinking champagne.

Only this isn’t a movie. It’s real life. And it matters. And 2018 is coming.

Don’t get tired of politics. Don’t get burned out on the negative. Keep your rage. Store it in a corner of your mind. And bring it back out in November 2018.

It’s up to you if this movie ends with the grifters sitting on a beach burning your money or in a jail.

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