Podcast: How 34 Years with MS Transformed My Life

Jim Fairchild lives with multiple sclerosis (MS). So did my Mom. So when he invited me to join him for a “belly up to the bar” conversation, I couldn’t stop myself from digging into the darkness — and the silver lining that she was.

In Jim’s words:

auGi is a man of many talents… Dare I say a Renaissance man. He’s a musician, a comedian, a graphic artist, a writer, a performer, he’s traveled the world and he’s one helluva storyteller.
He has written and performed his own one-man show, called SexyNurd, about his life’s desire to be a rock star commingled with his experience with MS.
auGi doesn’t have MS but his experience runs deep as his mom lived with it for 34 years and it is in her memory that he brings all his amazingly wonderful talents to the MS cause.
auGi is the Vice President of Marketing and Events for the Oregon Chapter of the Nat’l MS Society. As you’ll hear, he literally changed his career and his life’s direction because he doesn’t want others to suffer with MS like his mom did.

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