By Brian Rogers, Vice President of Product, Augmate

Blockchain has emerged as an important enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), providing ironclad security that can unlock the full value of IoT capabilities. That’s why I was honored to represent Augmate at the recent Blockchain Connect conference in San Francisco, accepting the “2018 Pioneers in Applying Blockchain Technology in Industries” award from SV Insight. The award recognizes pioneering enterprises that provide innovative blockchain-based solutions for challenges faced by IoT, energy, healthcare, and other industries.

Integrating blockchain into Augmate’s products has been a passion for me because that is what enables…

By Mike Rogers, CPA, Digital Asset Advisor for Augmate Corporation.

Industrial revolutions are profound periods of human ingenuity and rapid technological advancements, in which economic systems and social structures are transformed. The Third Industrial Revolution, called the “Digital Revolution,” was characterized by the digitization of data and widespread propagation of information. However, the Digital Revolution lacked adequate data security; digitized records were vulnerable to modification, deletion and theft.

Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway, and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, are not only securing digital transactions, but also forming an entirely new ecosystem. This novel ecosystem’s core components include…

By Mike Rogers, CPA, Digital Asset Advisor

On January 3rd, 2009, Bitcoin’s genesis block was mined and the financial system was officially put on notice: traditional financial services infrastructure will one day be replaced by blockchain technology. Blockchain’s innovation allows unique and secure ownership of digital property, empowering users in new ways. Digital security exchanges, such as tZero, a subsidiary of, Inc., were founded to facilitate transactions and pioneer the future of financial services.

In 2014, made headlines when it became the first major retailer to accept Bitcoin as payment, under the leadership of Patrick M. Byrne, the…

By Mike Rogers, CPA, Digital Asset Advisor

There are many exciting parallels between today’s emerging digital assets market and the development of railroads in the 1800’s. The Industrial Revolution allowed people to live differently, more efficiently, and participate in an increasingly global marketplace. Railroads replaced canals and horse-drawn carriages, and new possibilities for travel, trade and transactions exploded.

Similarly, we are seeing an explosion of new possibilities in the financial services industry today. Paper-based transactions are being replaced by the digitization of money and security transfers. …

By Mike Rogers, CPA, Digital Asset Advisor

Famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen once opined, “Bitcoin at its most fundamental level is a breakthrough in computer science — one that builds on 20 years of research into cryptographic currency, and 40 years of research in cryptography, by thousands of researchers around the world.” Mr. Andreessen eloquently expounded his view of Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin creation, which was itself a branch of countless other’s previous work. Augmate believes in the open culture from which the blockchain community was founded.

Today most of the cryptoasset community is adhering to the open definition of knowledge…

November 7th marked a big milestone for Augmate, as we minted and distributed one of the world’s first digital securities, the $MATE. Our journey into the cryptoasset space has taken us on several business, regulatory and personal paths. We continue to believe in the future of an evolving technical landscape through IoT and the benefits it will provide to society and our world. In addition, we have seen significant value already from distributed ledgers (DLT) and blockchain and how that will further the benefits of connecting things. The business decision to use blockchain in our platform led to a natural…

Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Time: 12PM EST
Duration: 45 minutes

As the world’s leading Augmented Reality (AR) device management solution for wearable technology, Augmate is hosting a webinar on how AR drastically improves training efficiency within large field service operations.

Join the world’s largest telecommunications company, Verizon, and a team of global experts that will showcase best practices for deploying an effective enterprise training program with AR. Participants will walk away with a blueprint for implementing a successful program that includes:

  • Modern AR training methods and why they are crucial to success
  • How to build a perfect team of…

By Mike Rogers, CPA, Digital Asset Advisor

At Augmate, we are passionate about bringing the power of IoT, Blockchain and AI to the world. As the first to market, and now the world’s leading device management solution for wearable technology, we believe in expanding internet connectivity beyond traditional devices. In order to harness the true potential of technology, we must connect all things with the same eloquent simplicity of wearables. However, significant technological advancements must first occur in order to bring this vision to life. …

As we reach the closing of our token sale, we would like to thank our community, investors, and followers throughout this exciting ride. We would not be here if it weren’t for our supporters and partners keeping us moving. Before we conclude our token sale, we would like to provide a few recent updates on Augmate both from a company and token sale standpoint. We would also like to provide answers to a few frequently asked questions toward the end.

We Hired IoT Visionary Dave Evans as our CTO

Augmate advisor Ed Maguire recently had a chance to interview Augmate CTO Dave Evans on his background, blockchain technology, the current state of IoT, and his near-term vision for Augmate.

Ed: Can you share a bit of your background?

Dave: I was born in the UK and came to the US in the 80s. I and was always involved in technology. I’ve been obsessed with robotics and built devices since I was a kid. The first Vic-20 I got I wired to my house. I’ve been interested in understanding how tech can be applied to problems. An early job I had when I was 16 was Monolithic Memories (acquired by AMD) working in accounting. Data would come in and it took 24 hours to process on an old 4.7 MHz…


Bringing the power of IoT & blockchain to the world

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