Securitizing Industry 4.0: The Next Revolution

By Mike Rogers, CPA, Digital Asset Advisor for Augmate Corporation.

Industrial revolutions are profound periods of human ingenuity and rapid technological advancements, in which economic systems and social structures are transformed. The Third Industrial Revolution, called the “Digital Revolution,” was characterized by the digitization of data and widespread propagation of information. However, the Digital Revolution lacked adequate data security; digitized records were vulnerable to modification, deletion and theft.

Today, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is underway, and emerging technologies, such as blockchain, are not only securing digital transactions, but also forming an entirely new ecosystem. This novel ecosystem’s core components include the Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and reimagined networks of shared computing services. Unprecedented advancements in communication and connectivity are generating an exponential quantity of data, renewing the need for security.

Industry 4.0 technologies are expediting the creation of a more secure data-driven digital ecosystem. Augmate is harnessing the power of IoT, blockchain, and AI to provide our users with device-to-device intelligence and enhanced human-to-machine connectivity. Augmate Connect, built from the ground up for IoT and wearables, is a next-generation device management platform that reduces the threat of endpoint vulnerability and hacking. Our technologies are contributing to a disruptive movement transforming business operations worldwide.

The velocity of disruptive innovation is accelerating across all industries due to digital transformation. Customer-oriented experiences are central to the digital economy, as data-enhanced services and products are becoming the new normal. To keep up with these changes, organizations are forming innovation-focused partnerships. Strategic resource and knowledge sharing creates significant value for all parties, as well as the ecosystems in which they operate.

Augmate’s partnership with Securitize is the premier example of collaborative innovation within the digital security industry. Augmate has high ethical standards and prioritizes open communication with all of its’ stakeholders; our practices ensure accountability, fairness, and transparency. In order to best comply with these ethical standards and security laws in the U.S., Augmate partnered with Securitize, a Software as a Service (SAAS) platform that simplifies the issuance and ongoing management of regulatory compliant digital securities.

Securitize’s Digital Securities (DS) Protocol white paper sets a dual mandate “to consider the full lifecycle of digital securities ownership, beyond issuance, as well as the goals of the different stakeholders: issuers, investors, and exchanges.” Augmate’s “ MATE” digital security leverages smart contracts to automate compliance and provide streamlined services for all stakeholders. By registering and creating a blockchain-protected Ethereum wallet on Augmate’s Securitize portal, investors can participate in a limited offering of our MATE digital securities. Securitize’s fluid and adaptive ownership architecture serves as a framework for creating the DS Services infrastructure.

A well-defined and comprehensive DS Services infrastructure enables support for third party DS Apps. These smart contracts trigger digital security lifecycle events, including initial issuance, voting rights, and dividend distributions, among others. Supporting third party apps democratizes the Securitize platform and increases the opportunities for all stakeholders to benefit.

Our strategic partnership with Securitize embodies the unique nature of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: it fuses different disciplines and industries by leveraging cybertech to drive a new, non-linear evolution of society, innovation and global finance. As collaborative allies, Augmate and Securitize are accelerating the future and providing sophisticated solutions in an extraordinary era of limitless progression and opportunities.

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