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I’m am drawn to this song because of how the artist explains how the removal of God is a bad thing. The world is becoming worse and worse and the government is not helping the situation. The song itself is a tribute to the Sandy Hook tragedy which he uses as an example of what is becoming of the world. “A dude ran up in a school, with his tools drawn, clips flyin’, 26 lyin’ on the school floor. 20 of ’em kids, homie picture that, parents gotta live with the fact they won’t get ’em back”. The incident was the deadliest mass shooting at a high school or grade school in U.S. history. He then ties this incident to other known issues such as abortion to further show our weakening faith and government. “Maybe he misunderstood, maybe he thought, what he was doin’ was all good, maybe what he heard was “school” and “kill ’em in the room” when you really said it’s cool to kill ’em in the womb…” the merciless carnage is getting worse and God is being replaced with laws of the secular world. Abortion is becoming more common, sex and drugs are promoted everywhere messing up the lives of many but God is being marched right out of schools and other facilities to satisfy the need of people, which is to accept the very sin we saw as such a few years ago but are now “normal”. Christian owned business are told to close up so the government can afford tax funded abortion pills and new laws are passed in favor of homosexuality. Bizzle says “They’re like “Where is your God?” I’m like “I don’t know. when you kicked him outta your schools, where’d you tell Him to go?” You know, we forget about the Lord when that plane flying but how fast we remember when that plane diving…” The way Bizzle goes straight to the gritty and dirty parts of the issues is what entices me to write about the issue. It’s important that we as a people stop trying to figure things out for ourselves and follow the bible. The book that’s always worked and the same book that the constitution includes within it’s laws. Upholding the commandments is no longer a priority but rather an issue it seems. For years’ non-believers have been trying to remove the words “In God We Trust” from the U.S. currency. “Lord, help me understand I won’t always understand as long as you a God and I am just a man. Who am I to say we should move God’s hand? And who is men to have to improve God’s plan?” Bizzle asks. With these questions that he asks he reveals how the government views God. He uses rhetorical questions to allow the reader/listener something to ponder on and notice the flaws in the government. He also has a recording of Mike Huckabee speech on the incident and why the removal of God is the wrong course of action, 44th Governor of Arkansas from 1996 to 2007. The commandments of the bible have been suppressed and ignored over the past 50 years as said by Mike Huckabee. He exclaims that people believe that they don’t need God in their lives but once a tragedy takes place such as Sandy Hook they want to complain that God didn’t do anything to prevent this from happening. “Then we express our surprise at how a culture without him actually reflects what it’s become” Again Bizzle and Huckabee use open ended questions to make their message clearer. It leaves room for contemplation on the subject and time for them to realize how wrong it is to excuse God from the government and the lives of the people. Bizzle says “Sick of this place I’m in, we kill 3500 children a day and remain silent. Maybe it’s late timing, If he would have caught ’em in ’05 with different tools we would have stayed quiet”. He explains how these actions we allow ourselves to do are doing more harm to us than they are good and we just let them be. “So many of the things that I see here, got me feelin’ like I don’t wanna be here. But I know there’s a reason, I’m still breathin’ and the Lord’s keepin’ me here. But I can’t just sit back and watch ’em pass away when I know, I know, I know, I know that there’s a better way” Bizzle shows his discomfort of the changing world and that he doesn’t want to sit and watch as it all happens when something could be done to save them. I also like how Mike Huckabee answers the question ‘Where was God?’. He states “As soon as the tragedy unfolded, I think God did show up. He showed up in the lives of teachers who put their lives between a gunman and their students. He showed up in policemen who rushed to the school not knowing if they would be met with a barrage of bullets. He showed up in the form of hugs and tears for children parents and teachers who had lived through the slaughter. He showed up at the overflow of church services where people lit candles and prayed. And he showed up at the white house where the president invoked his name and quoted from his book.” This statement shows how God is always in the midst of it all no matter what. God never left but it is us who left him. So instead of asking where he is, we should be asking, where is our faith? This is the turning point that’s saying that God has always been there with open arms but man has become arrogant and trying to figure things out on their own independently. Just like the story of the Israelites in the bible, whenever something went wrong they complained and asked where their God was but afterwards many started worship false gods and ignoring the one true God until a tragic event takes place.

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