Augmented Reality Clothing

Hunting for kids clothing may potentially be a complicated. Putting right outfit determines their growing moment. Somehow, today’s social culture allow people to archive memories in advanced ways for upcoming nostalgia. You don’t want to look ugly on family photos to be bragged to your future friends, do you? With technology is developing ridiculously fast, now we have been aware of the interception of Augmented Reality technology with wearable technology: Augmented Reality clothing; This is concept where Augmented Reality technology aiding fashion to make it more fashionable and interactive by embedding AR marker to your daily clothing. There you go, your kids can get interactive and fun layouts popping up from their clothing and are prepared to save futuristic family shots.

Keeping with the swell different types of Augmented Reality wearable and Augmented Reality Clothing, Octagon Studio is paving headway by collaborating with one of most significant clothing retails in Asia and Europe, LC Waikiki to blaze a trail in getting daily clothing more technologically sophisticated. Octagon Studio and LC Waikiki have presented the Wear 4D which has been distributed widely across Asian and European countries.

To operate the Wear 4D , you are required to download the Wear 4D app on your smartphones or tablets. And then, you just scan the appearing images or text on the clothes and see what happens. For the detailed instruction, you will find an instruction card that come with the augmented reality clothing while you purchase one. What are you waiting for, then? Go to nearby LC Waikiki shops and get your children coolest fashion ever.