Different Types of Augmented Reality

In combination with the emergence of mobile phone, Augmented Reality garners global recognition as an indivisible colleague to smartphones. There are speculations that indicates AR is not an individual technology and a hoax. Having involved with diverse sectors looks that can be reasonable. Various forms of Augmented Reality have definitely come to get into interaction with different kinds of essentials. Consequently, a number of versions of features and usages for Augmented Reality are holding many possibilities to be revealed. The different types of Augmented Reality are outlined as follows.

Marker-based Augmented Reality

It truly one of the most realized Augmented Reality type that has been widely spread out in a range of forms of product on market. Marker based Augmented Reality offers the virtual contents in its varied versions to materialize in the conditions through the process of pointing on smartphones. The virtual contents are undetectable inside a element named ‘markers,’ which can be embedded in print media. While in scanning, the app identifies the knowledge or codes on markers, and the contents disguised . inside the markers are existing.

The outcome of the technology is distinguished into distinct virtual contents varying from texts to 3D contents. For that reason, such type of AR are generally made use of as sight enhancer which often can become efficient for routines which include things like presentation and augmented reality clothing. No wonder that recognition based AR comes up as tools for education and business.

Location Based Augmented Reality

The famous method to ease confusion concerning the different types of Augmented Reality is by looking on examples. Let us bring one of the most inspiring hit from last years’ triumph of Pokemon Go! mainly because it’s the most relevant example for this type of AR. By embedding invisible virtual data and spreading them throughout the world, Pokemon Go! utilizes the whole globe as AR marker, but the AR contents will appear any time it scans to certain position. The “marker” embodies in form of coordinate degree of certain location all over the world. Rather than scanning physical markers, this type AR is going to be activated whenever the applications on the apps detecting coordinate point which have been embedded with AR contents.